There are more than 30 Museums and Galleries in Thessaloniki the most important of which are:


Archaeological Museum: The history of Ancient Macedonia is presented through magnificent artifacts, dating from the pre-historic era to late antiquity. The Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki is one of the largest Museums in Greece.

Museum of Byzantine Culture: A large collection of artworks dating between the 2nd and 20th century AC reveals aspects of the Byzantine and the post-Byzantine culture from the city of Thessaloniki and the Region of Macedonia in general.

State Museum of Contemporary Art:A dynamically developing museum that promotes modern and contemporary art, through its temporary exhibitions.  One of the most important collections of the Museum is the Costakis Collection, which consists of 1275 artworks of prominent Russian Avant Garde artists.

Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies: The developments in modern since 1850 can be viewed through the 300 paintings, sculptures and engravings that comprise the Gallery’s permanent collection.

Museum of Ancient, Greek, Byzantine Instruments: More than 200 musical instruments used in Greece from the Bronze Age to the early 20th century are exhibited in the Museum. The Museum is located in the historic district Ladadika of Thessaloniki.

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki : Aspects of the daily, financial and religious life of the pre-World War II Jewish community of Thessaloniki is presented through various relics, books written in the Hebrew language, photographs and documents.

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