An endless journey in history and nature

Macedonia is a region of great natural beauty. The endless coastlines of sandy lace beaches with crystal clear blue waters mingle with a wild landscape of lush mountains with modern ski resorts. It is also a place with a very long history, in which traditions, customs and folk culture are present in every aspect of modern life. Macedonia therefore is a magnificent tourist destination for travelers eager to explore and discover its beauties.

Some of the many places of interest of the Region of Macedonia are:

  • Vergina: The Royal Tombs of the Ancient Necropolis of Aigai burial site of King Philip II.
  • Veroia: “St Paul’s Tribune”, a religious monument at the spot where Paul the Apostle preached Christianity.
  • Naoussa: the Thicket of Agios Nikolaos an earthly paradise located 3klm from the town of Naoussa.
  • School of Aristotle: The place that accommodated the school in which the Ancient Philosopher Aristotle taught young Alexander the Great in the mid 4th century b.C. It is located in the area “Isobria” of Naoussa .
  • Edessa: known mainly for its spectacular waterfalls, which are the largest in the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Pella: The Ancient capital of Macedonia with its Archaeological site, the Macedonian tombs and its museum.
  • Petralona of Halkidiki: The cave of Petralona with impressive stalagmites and stalactites is mostly known for the skull that was discovered in it, which is considered to belong to the oldest European hominid ever found and is approximately 700.000 years old.
  • Mount Olympus: The highest mountain in Greece is known worldwide as the home of the Ancient Greek Gods of Olympus. Located about 80klm southwest of Thessaloniki, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty, visited by thousands of people every year.
  • Ski Resorts: Though most people relate Greece with its islands, its blue sky and its endless beaches, it is also a land of mountains. There are a lot of ski resorts in the broader region of Macedonia, such as Elatochori on Mount Olympus, , 3-5 Pigadia and Seli on Mount Vermio, Voras on Mount Kaimaktsalan and many more.
  • Nymfeo: A small and beautiful village listed as a traditional settlement in the prefecture of Florina (Western Macedonia). Don’t omit to visit the Environmental Center of Arcturos, which focuses its efforts on saving the populations of the Brown Bear.
  • Drama: The city’s highlight is the Park of Agia Varvara, which extends in an area of 60 acres.
  • Prespes: In Northern Greece an undefined borderline between three countries: Greece, Albania and FYROM. The area is known for its two high- altitude lakes the Great and Small Prespa Lake and which constitute a landscape of magnificent beauty.
  • Kastoria: A city with a large tradition in the fur clothing industry which extends in the Western shore of Lake Orestiada. Lake Orestiada, most commonly known as The lake of Kastoria, has been proclaimed a “Monument of Natural Beauty”.
  • Kavala: Home of the most important Archaeological site in Eastern Macedonia, known as Philippi, with characteristic monuments of the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian Periods.
  • Pozar Thermal Baths: At the foot of Mount Kaimaktsalan lie the hot springs and the Thermal Bath Facilities of Pozar , known for their beneficial for human health effects


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