Social Responsibility

At Capsis Hotels we take social responsibility seriously and strive to conduct our business in an ethical manner with sensitivity towards social, cultural, economic and environmental issues

Keeping in mind that social responsibility requires not just words on paper, but taking action, we try to actively support various non-profit organizations which care mainly for vulnerable groups and children, such as “The Smile of the Child”, that supports the rights of children, “Arsis”, an Association for the Social Support of Youth, organizations that help disabled people, hospitals etc

We also demonstrate social responsibility by participating and supporting initiatives that contribute to the local community and we endorse activities of artistic, cultural and athletic nature. Some examples are the Christmas fests that we co-organize for children in our hotels, the support we offer to the Marathon runs of Thessaloniki and Heraklion, the art exhibitions of local artists and the art festivals that take place in all of our hotels and many more.

Another important pursuit of Capsis is the creation of a safe working environment. We ensure the necessary hygiene conditions, cultivate a sense of safety and adapt to new challenges, being aware that companies are more productive and efficient if their people feel safe.

Last but not least we consider the protection of the environment as a key requirement in every decision or initiative we take. To this end, we recycle (plastic, glass, paper, batteries, electronic devices), use toilet paper and napkins from recycled Tetra Pak cartons and clean with eco friendly detergents. We have placed energy saving lamps throughout our facilities and we apply a special environmental policy in respect to the use of water and the handling of room linen.